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Set-top Box + 3 Months Membership



Product Description

This price includes 3 months membership, no monthly fee will be taken for the first 3 months. Currently over 1000 Channels. This product is focused on the family as well on sport channels contact us today to know more about the sport channels included in this service.

The ibox Mini is a revolution in IPTV set top boxes. This high quality full HD capable device delivers high quality arabic IPTV channels without the hassle of a traditional satellite dish. The device has an HDMI output to connect it to your HD TV, it also comes with LAN input to connect it to the internet, composite and component video outputs along side SPDIF digital audio output to connect the device to your home cinema unit. The device also comes with a remote control allowing you to change channels using our user friendly menu, re-arrange channels and even hide unwanted channels with parental control. The device delivers radio station as well as traditional television channels. VOD (video on demand) and in the near future you will be able to time shift channels.

Over 1000 Arabic and international channels.

High quality and uses the latest streaming technologies.
Interactive user interface
HDMI and up to 1080p output, supports component and composite outputs for older tv sets.
Arabic EPG data included* (when provided by the channel)
FREE video on demand content
Media Player functionality
The possibility to use Wifi (wireless internet)
User friendly remote control
all updates are pushed automatically to the device, no need for any manual updates from the user.
Very simple installation
Fast shipping with tracking number system using USPS

جهاز عالي الجودة مع تقنيه صورة عالية الصفاء
واجهه مستخدم ممتازة و سهلة الاستخدام
وصله HDMI من الجهاز الى التلفاز توفر صورة عاليه الجودة. وصلات component و composite متوفرة لتوصيل اجهزة التلفاز القديمة
جدول البث للقنوات العربية
خدمة مشاهدة الافلام والمسلسلات والمسرحيات مجاناً
خدمة عرض الملفات من جهاز الحاسوب مجانا
امكانية الربط بواسطة الWi-Fi
جهاز تحكم عن بعد سهل الاستعمال
جميع التحديثات تبعث اوتوماتيكياً الى الجهاز
سهل التنصيب ويمكن نقله وتشغيله في اي مكان تتوفر فيه خدمة الانترنت
شحن سريع مع شركة USPS مع بعث رسالة برقم التتبع الالكتروني


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