Frequently Asked Questions

If I am not happy with the service, what is your return policy?

You have one week from the day you receive your shipment to return the product, once we receive the box you will be sent a full refund for the box.


What makes TVnetSolutions different from the other providers in the market?

We are a rather technical company, with many years of experience from the IT branch, with profiles working for companies like Microsoft and Google. We concentrate on quality, if you compare our products to any other provider in the market you will notice the different in picture sharpness, reliability, no freezing, service always running up 99%. We distribute our streams from within the united states, not from Europe like other providers do, that way we can guarantee a pleasant experience no matter who your ISP and no matter if you live on the west or east coast.


What Makes you different than Zaap TV?

Zaap TV implements a P2P service, this means lower quality in general, and long time to change channels. Our service is different in a way that we broadcast using a delivery network that is available all over the world, it does not matter if you live in New york or in California you will always get the signal from a server locally in our Area not from Europe as ALL other providers do.


When will my box arrive?

If the box is in stock when you order, we will ship it immediately. You will receive the box within 2-5 working days. No matter what, we will send you an e-mail informing you of the estimated time of arrival, so please make sure that you provide us the right e-mail address when you place your order. An automated email will also be sent from our shipping system containing a tracking number, click on the tracking number to see where your package is.

When i click on the tracking number, it says no information is available. Why is that?

This is because the tracking information will only be available after that the package has passed the first sorting center, in our case it is Orlando, Florida. Please always allow up to 24 hours for the tracking information to appear before contacting customer service.


How can I connect the box to my TV?

Most common way to connect your TV and set top box is to use an HDMI cable - that will give you the best picture on the screen. However, you can also use the component cable or the composite connection.


OK, I buy your service and the company disappears like others did before. Why should I buy this product?

We are a Florida registered company that has sold to thousands of happy customers. We are honest in what we do and we build real IPTV systems that defines the future of TV broadcast.


My device is not working, what should I do?

Our product comes with a one year warranty, if your box stop working please contact the local dealer which you have purchased your box from, if you have purchased your box directly on our website make sure you give us a call, in order for us to help and make sure its a technical malfunction. We will send you a replacement box if you are still covered by the warranty.


I am lost - can you help me?

Of course we can! Use the information on the contact us page for support, the best way to get a fast reply is to send us an email or use the contact us form on that page.