About Us

Who are we?

Miracle Media Group is a truly technology driven company in the IPTV arena.

What we offer?

www.tvnetsolutions.com offers web based IPTV solutions for interactive television and multimedia offering for the Arabic speaking community in the world. TV net Solutions has established itself as a strong provider, offering superior services and technologies that makes the experience of watching TV seamless and fun, with many free add-on features that integrates into your Television set.

As more customers are becoming aware of this technology, www.tvnetsolutions.com has grown from a small content provider to the leading provider of Arabic content, with several years of experience and a large customer base. In such a world shrinking so small due to the evolution of communication platforms, mainly the Internet, it was an obvious step to take the step of offering this service as the number of Internet subscribers in the world is growing rapidly.

Our GTV product is a huge success in the USA and Europe, we are growing into the Asian and the Far East market as the demand is rising for such products and services.

How we succeed?

Being the best is not hard, but it is hard to maintain that success. In the beginning it was easy to provide exceptional sales and customer service to our customers due to the growing phase the company was going through and the relatively small customer base. As we grew and our customer base was growing we started noticing the challenging task of providing good customer service.

 In the first quarter of 2012, we had to go back to the drawing board and stop all sales until we had a stable structure for future expansion. Today we have changed a number of staff members, implemented automated software systems to help us provide the level of service expected from a company our size and reputation.

 It is always a challenge to start a new day, we learn from our mistakes and we aim to be better. Every customers feedback is appreciated and I guarantee you that we will always be listening and implementing improvements.


Yours Sincerely,

Miracle Media Group

TVnetSolutions Headquarters. Orlando, Florida.